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Tectus Mythic Down!

Aedàn a posted 2 hours ago
We tried our hand on rock climbing this week, and after countless plunges to our deaths we reached the summit, only to have the damn thing reform into a bunch of new, smaller mountains. Twice. At least the smaller ones were quick to climb if you kept moving all the time.

Because he was a fungi!

Also, we're 3/7 mythic with Brackenspore down!

Twin Ogron down!

Aedàn a posted Dec 15, 14
Continuing our Highmaul Mythic adventures we ran into a pair of twins. Clearly, we did our best to bang them. They are now sleeping. Thanks for the fun twins!

1/7 Mythic

Aedàn a posted Dec 11, 14
After a quick hc clear we started this week off with a kill on Kargath Bladefist Mythic. Lets keep this up!

Herioc Highmaul cleared

Aedàn a posted Dec 7, 14
Six first bosses were easy enough, Imperator posed a bit of a challenge but died today after fine tuning the 2nd transition. Well done guys and get pumped for Mythic week!

Gramby a Well played team o/