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We can also CM!

Resania a posted Nov 15, 14
So we did a new realm best in CMs!

Manigon YaY i'm on the frontpage Hey mom ...
Aedàn a Also? It's the same guild!
After only a few tries a group of WarCrys finest raiders managed to complete the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, with an impressive server best time. This wasn't the only impressive achievement, another one would be a world 2nd clear of the instance on this difficulty!
Congratz guys!

The Fall of a Tyrant

Aedàn a posted Jan 22, 14
And so we finished the tier at last with a Garrosh kill, and it's been quite a long one. But it's also been our most successful tier to date, to end our most successful expansion to date. And with those results in mind I am very happy with our performance, and look forward to seeing us doing even better in Warlords of Draenor - see you then!

Kentobi Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niU7xIcgrNs ...
Camile Really good job guys, I really miss you all :c
Sulinå Big grats guys! Can't wait to start again next tier!

The Paragons Perish!

Aedàn a posted Dec 17, 13
This one took us quite some time, and when the kill came it was pretty anticlimactic as it was an obvious kill when we were on the last Paragon. On to Garrosh now to finally finish this tier!

Camile Nicelly done guys, now go end Garrosh ...
vdshark a we should have had 25 ambers from klaxxi and just pop them in same time and the catch phrase should be Guess u got amb ...
Aedàn a That's the hardest part of this game. We'll make sure to spend 1 hour on it after Garrosh

12/14 Heroic!

Aedàn a posted Nov 19, 13
Tonight we killed the first ever goblin raid boss (by my count anyway). As would be expected he was quite the challenge, and the most fun boss so far this tier in my opinion. Next up is the bugs (in all meanings of the word) of the paragons

Affinitti i look so sexy fat panda ...
ilitheen much luv <3 - brilliant boss, the best one in the raid by far
Gramby a Our first hard boss kill this tier o/ Great job everyone, especially the hunters.