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Ko'ragh Mythic

Aedàn a posted Jan 12, 15
After our quick stop at the butcher's it was back to Ko'ragh again today. With more melee and better mc handling he went down quickly enough. Good job all!

The Butcher Butchered

Aedàn a posted Jan 9, 15
As our setup was far from optimal for Koragh we decided to go try the Butcher for a bit and ended up killing him. It berserked on us but we practiced the art of running the hell away from him and dots killed him off for us. Well done guys!

Tectus Mythic Down!

Aedàn a posted Dec 22, 14
We tried our hand on rock climbing this week, and after countless plunges to our deaths we reached the summit, only to have the damn thing reform into a bunch of new, smaller mountains. Twice. At least the smaller ones were quick to climb if you kept moving all the time.

Because he was a fungi!

Also, we're 3/7 mythic with Brackenspore down!

Twin Ogron down!

Aedàn a posted Dec 15, 14
Continuing our Highmaul Mythic adventures we ran into a pair of twins. Clearly, we did our best to bang them. They are now sleeping. Thanks for the fun twins!