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Iron Maidens dead

Aedàn a posted Wed at 23:52

After a session of non stop bomb dodging and some chilling out on boats we got bored of these so called maidens, and found out that they were in fact, not made of iron. Two more bosses to go of this tier.

Choo Choo etc

Aedàn a posted Mar 13, 15

Much fun was had at the train station this week. We all got to live out our suicide fantasies, and we realised that maybe a train isn't the most painless way to go. On the kill Tosten saved the day by surviving when no one else could, good on him!

Kologarn v2

Aedàn a posted Mar 5, 15

Once again we face off against a mighty Stoneguy who grabs us with his hands (but many more this time!) and tries to squeeze us to death. This one fared no better than his predecessor however and met his end at our hands.

vdshark a those trees! I'd totally pork them!
Glucose a what wouldnt you impregnate though?

An old Friend Killed

Aedàn a posted Mar 2, 15

OK so maybe not friend... but we killed him regardless. On to Kromog!

Glucose a http://i.imgur.com/2Dkbi4F.jpg

Flamebender Ka'graz Mythic

Resania a posted Feb 28, 15

11 pulls, this boss felt more like the first boss of the instance and not end wing boss.