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Kologarn v2

Aedàn a posted 14 hours ago

Once again we face off against a mighty Stoneguy who grabs us with his hands (but many more this time!) and tries to squeeze us to death. This one fared no better than his predecessor however and met his end at our hands.

Glucose a what wouldnt you impregnate though?
vdshark a those fucking sexy trees i'd totally impregnate them

An old Friend Killed

Aedàn a posted Mon at 0:29

OK so maybe not friend... but we killed him regardless. On to Kromog!

Glucose a http://i.imgur.com/2Dkbi4F.jpg

Flamebender Ka'graz Mythic

Resania a posted Sat at 3:22

11 pulls, this boss felt more like the first boss of the instance and not end wing boss.

Mythic Arnold Schwarzenegger

Aedàn a posted Feb 23, 15

Several squished, stomped, crushed, and pulverized Warcry raiders later this boss is now dead. On to new, and less annoying bosses!

Mythic Beastlord

Aedàn a posted Feb 16, 15

Took us longer than we expected but the first Mythic boss of the Foundry has fallen over. Lets keep going!